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Tasks after class
Unit One Invitations
1. Read and translate the invitation cards and letters
Mr. and Mrs. Wang
request the pleasure of your company
at a dinner party in celebration of
their daughter’s eighteenth birthday
Saturday, the sixth of March
At 8:00pm
74Salisbury Street, Boston , Nottingham
特邀请您参加 11月17日 星期五举行的登长城活动。 大巴7点种开车。欢迎携带亲朋好友一起参加。
2 Practice
Imagine you are a friend of Jennifer’s. Tomorrow is your birthday. You are inviting her to come to your birthday party. Now make a dialogue between Jennifer and you. Let students do by themselves, then give the model dialogue.
You: Jennifer. ________(1)____________(你明天晚上有什么特别的事情吗?)
Jennifer: No, nothing special.
You: _____________(2)______________(我邀请你参加我的生日聚会,你愿意来吗?)
Jennifer: Yes, I’d love to.
Jennifer: Oh, yes fine.
You: Do you want me to bring something to drink? Orange juice or lemonade?
Jennifer: _________(4)___________(如果你一定要带什么的话,就带柠檬汁吧。)
You: I’ll do that. Thank you very much for inviting me.
(1)Are you doing anything special tomorrow evening?
(2)I’d like to invite you to come to my birthday party, would you like to join us?
(3)Good. Will you come at 7:00 ?
(4)Lemonade if you must bring something.
Imagine you are a friend of Mary’s. You are asking her to go to a movie. Play your role according to the clues given in the brackets.
You: (1)(问对方这个周末打算做什么),Mary? Got any plans?
Mary: Nothing special, why?
You: Want to see a movie? (2)(告诉对方友谊电影院正在放映“雷雨”。)
Mary: Yeah, why not? (3) (询问看早场还是晚场。)
You: Let’s go to the early show, and we could do something afterward.(3)(建议去肯德基或咖啡馆)
Mary: (5)(表示要去肯德基)
You: (6) (表示同意与感谢)
What are you going to do this weekend?
“Thunderstorm” is on at the friendship.
The early show or late show?
Maybe go to KFC or a coffee shop.
I’d rather go to KFC.
That’s very kind of you.
3 Translation
(1). 他问她将以什么方式付旅馆费。
(2). 当你结识的人多了,你就会觉得在这里更自在一些。
(3). 钱是怎么失踪的还是个谜。
(4). 他不知是否带雨伞。
(5). 面试官问他已经工作几年了。
(6). 你想了解他什么时候去上海吗?
(7). 你能告诉我在哪里能买到钢笔吗?
(8). 你知道他穿的什么衣服吗?
(9). 警察想知道他长的什么样。
Unit Two Emails
1. Translate the following abbreviations.
BS--- big smile  NOYB---none of your business  4ever--- forever  TTYL ---talk to you later  BFN ---bye for now  FTTB--- for the time being  CWYL--- chat with you later IYSS--- longtime no see  BBN ---bye bye now  4U--- for you  BBL--- be back later
2. Make a dialogue according to the information below and find out what the abbreviations mean.
You: What are you going to do this evening, Mike?
Mike: Chatting online.
You: But I’m confused when I come across some abbreviations. I don’t’ know what these all mean..
Mike: I can tell you some. If someone writes “BTW”, it means “by the way”, “DBEYR”
means “ Don’t believe everything you read”, “ NM” means “Never mind”, “NP” means
“No problem”, etc.
You: Oh, I see. How interesting! Now I know what these abbreviations mean.
Mike: I know a lot of this sort of abbreviations. If you like, I can tell you more.
You: Do please. I’ll be grateful if you can tell me more.
Mike: “OT” means “ Off topic”, “ OTOH” means “ On the other hand”, “RN” means
“Right now”, “WB” means “Welcome back”.
You: Oh, really. I remember I came across “WDYT” while chatting with somebody online, let me make a guess. Does it mean “what do you think?”
Mike: That’s right. How clever you are.
3 Practice
Imagine you and Jane form the UK are classmates. You are talking about chatting on
lines. Fill in the blanks according to the Chinese version provided.
You: __________(1)___________ (网上聊天似乎很有趣,你试过吗?)
Jane: I recently have!
You: ___________(2)____________(你觉得怎么样?)
Jane: I just love it, it is the most exciting thing I ‘ve ever done.
You: _________(3)__________(真的吗?怎么有趣?)
Jane: By chatting with key pal, you can know a lot of new friends. Also, you can learn many funny abbreviations.
You: ___________(4)____________(你能列举一些吗?)
Jane: For example, ”YTTT” means “You are telling the truth?” “YNK” MEANS “You never
Jane: Yes, you should.
Chatting online seems fun. Have you ever tried it
How do you feel about it?
Oh, really? What’s the fun of it?
Can you name some/
How interesting! I should find time to try it.
Imagine you and Lucy are studying in the same college. You are talking with him about the Internet.
A: (询问对方是否真的经常上网) Every time I see you, you are in the middle of browsing
B: Yeah. (表示真的很喜欢上网)
A: I am curious about this. What’s so exciting about it?
B: (说明上网可以使你进入一个完全不同的世界)
A: What ca you do with the internet then?
B: Well, you can do many things. (说明最有趣的使可以网上购物)
A: That’s exciting.
You really go online a lot, don’t you.
I really keen on it.
You can enter a completely different world without going anywhere at all.
The most interesting thing is you can go shopping online.
4 Read the following sentences, inserting commas, colons or semi-colons where necessary.
1). That’s right sir over there.
2). I consider these the major nuisances of train journeys transistor radios freezing
carriages undisciplined children and people eating oranges.
5). He spoke slowly proudly and indeed boringly.
6). After swimming for three hours he felt exhausted.
7). Waiter where are my steak and chips?
5 Rewrite the following sentences, replacing small-case letters with capital ones where necessary.
1). Gail mandal applied for the position of accountant at the Carlsbad hotel in Gallup ,New Mexico .
2). he said, “The internal revenue service imposes a penalty (处罚) on any taxpayer who files after the 15th of April.
3). Estes park has long been a popular vacation spot during the summer months.
4). The fourth Thursday in November is the traditional day for celebrating thanksgiving.
5). he lives in beech street facing the river ash not far from Oakchester station.
6). as a clerk in the Swiss tourist office he has to speak French, Italian, German and English, though he has never crossed the English channel
7). he has a b. sc. degree in economics from a Scottish university but he is now only a counter clerk in a post office.
Unit Three Communication by Phone
1 Practice
Image you are a nurse of a hospital and you are calling Mr. Wang, but he is not in. His secretary is answering the phone. Fill in the blanks according to the Chinese version provided.
Secretary: Hello?
You: __________(1)_______________ (您好,王先生在吗?)
Secretary: I am sorry, but he is not in now. Would you like to leave a message?
You; _____________(2)_______________(是的,请告诉他给医生办公室打个电话)
Secretary: 8875425. OK. What time he’d better call?
You: __________(3)____________ (最好使今天下午2点左右)
Secretary: I’ll tell him as soon as he’s back.
You; _________(4)___________
Secretary: You are welcome. Goodbye.
Hello. May I speak to Mr. Wang.
Yes, please tell him to call the doctor ‘s office. The number is
It’d be best if he could call this afternoon at about 2 o’clock .
Thanks a lot.
Imagine a woman is calling Mrs. Wang, but she’s not in. You are answering phone.
You: (1) (电话响了,你拿起话筒)
Lady:Hello. May I speak to Mrs. Wang, please?
You: (2) (告诉对方她现在不在,并询问是否有什么事需要转告。)
Lady:Yes, please. Tell her to call me, please.
You: (3) (告诉对方她一回来你就转告她。)
You: (4) (表示客气。)
I’m sorry. But she’s not in at the moment. Would you like to leave a message?
I’ll tell her as soon as she’s back.
You’re welcome.
2 Translate the following sentences into English.
1. 你需要的是更多的锻炼。
2. 他们什么时候来还没有公布。
3. 你可否告诉我你是哪儿人?
4. 我们应该弄清楚展览馆是否开放。
5. 问题是我们应该选择哪条路线。
6. 他去北京的理由是很清楚的。
7. 他们小组很可能会赶到我们前头去。
8. 你选择什么课程并不重要;只是要找出色的教授。
Unit Four Making Reservations
1 Practice
Imagine you are checking in at a hotel. You are talking with the receptionist.
Receptionist: Good evening! Welcome to Village Inn. What can I do for you?
You: __________(1)______________(我在这里订了房间)
Receptionist: May I have your name, please?
You: Tom. Addison .
Receptionist: Yes. Mr. Addison. You have made a reservation for one single room. ______(2)_________(可以看一下您的护照吗?)
You: Here you are.
Receptionist: _________(3)___________(请您填一下这张登记表好吗?)
You: Here you are.
Receptionist: Yes.Thanks. ________(4)________(这是512的钥匙卡。)
You: Can I go to my room now?
Receptionist: Sure. _____(5)_____ (接待员会给您带路的。)
You: Thanks.
(1) I have a reservation with you
(2) May I have a look at your passport?
(3) Would you please fill out the registration form?
(4) Here is the key card to Room 512
(5) The, bell-man will show you the way.
Imagine you are checking out at a hotel.
Receptionist: Good morning. Can I help you, sir?
You: (1) (表示要结账)
Receptionist: OK. Would you please tell me your name and room number?
You: Nancy . Room 4608.
Receptionist: Yes. (2) (说明客人是三天前入住的。)
You: That’s right. (询问每晚的房费是多少。)
Receptionist: ¥89 per night. (3) (询问如何付款。)
You: In cash. Here you are.
Receptionist: Thanks. (4) (向客人交代所找的零钱。)
(1) I’d like to check out.
(2) You checked in 3 days ago.
(3) How much is the rate per night?
(4) How are you going to pay, in cash or by credit card?
(5) Here is the change.
2 假设你叫王华,于2002年9月5日将陪同代表团赴美国盐湖城访问,拟在那里逗留3天。请以住宿登记表的形式向Ramada Inn宾馆的住宿登记处发一个传真,说明你们要订四个双人房间,并于9月6日租用会议室一天。你的付款方式为现金,联系电话:0086-431-5689672,传真:0086-431-5689675,电子信箱的地址:dongf@public.cc.Jl.cn
Keys: Guest’s name: WangHua
Check in:5/92002 Check out: 8/9/2002
Room type and number: two double (for3nights) one meeting room on Sept.6
Payment: in Cash.Ttel.Number:0086-431-5689672
E-mail address:Dongf@public.cc.ji.cn
3 Write through translation
1). 我的想法是,在他们困难的时候要给他们以援助。
2). 我们系有必要再建一个计算机中心。
3). 老太太希望能活到孙子上大学。
4). 他讲起那个城市来就好像他去过那里似的。
5). 如果我们当时准备充分的话,我们就可能成功了。
Unit Five At a Restaurant
1 Practice
Waiter: Can I take your order now, sir?
You: Yes. 1 _________________________. (但我还没有看过菜单呢。)
Waiter: I’ll show you one. Would you like Chinese food or Western food? We serve both.
You: 2 _______________________________. (我想品尝一下西餐。)
Waiter: I hope you’ll enjoy it. Here is the menu
You: Well, 3 (我要一份烤牛肉、蔬菜色拉和炸薯条。)
Waiter: Do you want some drinks?
You: Yes. 4 _________________________. (一杯啤酒。)
Waiter: Would you like any dessert later on?
You: 5 ______________________________ (你们有什么甜食?)
Waiter: We have some very nice vanilla ice cream (香草冰激凌。)
You: Very good. 6 ________________________(我就要香草冰激凌吧。)
 2 .Remember and translate Useful words and expressions about menu.
(1) Kinds of Food
main dish 主食dessert 甜点soups 汤羹salad 色拉cold dished 冷盘
Sandwiches & Burgers: 三明治和汉堡包Turkey: 火鸡Bacon: 熏肉
(2) About Taste
sour 酸的 sweet 甜的 bitter 苦的 salty 咸的 weak 淡的 light 清淡的
crisp 脆的 fishy 腥的 rich 油腻的
(3)Kinds of Eating Places
café 咖啡店 snake bar 小吃店 bakery 面包店 pizzeria 比萨店
(4) About Cooking
tender 嫩的 rare 三分熟的 medium rare 七分熟的 well-done 全熟的
3 Fill in the blanks with appropriate relative pronouns or adverbs.
1) The old couple _________ live next to us have four grandchildren.
2) I can never forget the day _________ I got the first prize in the competition.
3) The garden of his house has a lawn, _________ is very pleasant to sit on in summer.
4) The fish are multi-colored, the biggest of _________ is only 2 cm long.
5 )There have been complaints about the noise from the people _________ live in the flats.
6) A chat show is a TV program in _________ famous people are asked questions about their lives and work.
7) The child _________ parents died in the air crash is living with his aunt now.
8) Tom and his family are going to a French restaurant _________ they had dinner a week ago.
9) I have explained everything _________ I can to you.
10).The audience, most of _________ were students, enjoyed the performance very much.
4 Write through Correcting Mistakes
1) A small amount of money was all which was taken in the robbery.
2) We received an offer of RMB320 000 for the house, that we accepted.
3) He has two sisters, neither of who went to university.
4) The beach is the place which I most like to go in summer.
5) He talked cheerfully about the film and the actress who interested him.
6) There was little which could be done for the injured man.
7) The reason which he rejected our plan is that he had no faith in it.
8) That is the player on that we all rely.
9) He never hesitates to make such criticisms are considered helpful to others.
10) They tried to think of a plan by that they could fulfill their task ahead of time.
(1)  这就是车祸发生的地点。
(2) 他对国家做出的贡献将永远不会被人们遗忘。
(3) 我想见一见提出这项有价值的建议的员工。
(4) 你能不能告诉我,为什么拒绝接受他生日聚会的邀请。
(5) 我昨天买的钢笔将作为礼物寄给你。
Unit Six Shopping
1 Make a dialogue about How to buy a washing machine?
 The proper answer------
A: I like this washing machine very much. How much is it, please?
B: One thousand two hundred and eighty yuan.
A: That’s too expensive for me.. I can’t afford it.
B: This brand’s at 25 percent discount. It’s just nine hundred and fifty yuan.
A; Is it automatic?
B: Of course. Let me show you how it works.
A: Thank you. I’ll take it.
2. Imagine you are Wang Na. You want to buy a pair of jeans.
Shop assistant: Good morning. Can I help you?
You: ________(1)__________(我想买一条牛仔裤。)
Shop assistant: __________(2)_____________(你想要什么样式的?)
You: It’s really hard for me to choose.
Shop assistant: Well. Let me see. How do you like this style?
You: _________(3)____________(看上去不错。我能试条深蓝色的吗?)
Shop assistant: Certainly. What size are you?
You: ______(4)_______(我想是中号。)
Shop assistant: Here you are.
(1) I am looking for a pair of jeans(2) What style would you like?
(3) That looks fine. Can I try a dark blue one?(4) Medium, I think.
2 Translate the following sentences into English.
1). 他还是个孩子的时候,他就表现出非凡的天赋。
1.When he was a child, he displayed extraordinary talent.
2.Before we made any decision, we should listen to what the others say.
3.I will come to your party unless something unexpected happens.
4.He was punished because he broke the window glass.
5.She gave up her job in order that she could take care of the two children.
6.Even though/if he loses the election, the president will still have control over the
country’s foreign policy.
7.If you leave now, you’ll be home in two hours.
8.They were playing in the garden when they heard a scream.
Unit Seven Entertainments and Tourist Attractions
1 Practice
Imagine you are inviting Linda to see Beijing Opera.
Linda:What shall we have tonight?
You: __________(1)___________(我们去看京剧吧。)
You: ________(2)__________(你看过京剧吗?)
You: Beijing Opera is unique to Chinese culture
You: No. Tickets are available at the ticket window.
You: 7:30 pm .
You:Yes. See you.
(1) Let’s go and see Beijing Opera.(2) Have you ever seen it before?
(3) Do we need to book the tickets?(4) When will the show start?
(5) Shall we meet at the school gate at 6:00?
Imagine you and your English teacher, Sue, are in the lobby of a theatre, waiting to see
Chinese acrobatics. Complete the conversation with her by filling in the blanks.
You: The performance will start at 7:00 and____(1)____20 minutes to go .
Sue: Yes. Shall we go and look at the pictures over there.
You: All right.
Sue: ____(2)______
You: It’s bowl juggling(耍)on the head .
Sue: It must be exciting and ____(3)_____.
You: Yes.
Sue : Are there any animal acts?
You: No. Chinese acrobatics is different from ___(4)_____
Sue: I see. What are these pictures?
You: ___(5)_____that have won international prizes.
Sue: How wonderful! Thank you for inviting me here.
You: It’s my pleasure. I hope you’ll enjoy it.
(1) we still have
(2) What’s this?
(3) Breathtaking
(4) The western circus
(5) They are the performances.
2 Translate the following sentences into English.
1). 昨天讨论的问题十分重要。(discuss)
2). 他是一个举止得体的人。(behave)
3). 已经养成的习惯很难改变。(establish)
4). 主席宣读了一份预先准备好的声明。(prepare)
5). 孩子们更喜欢由橘汁、糖和水制成的饮料。(make)
6). 他得在规定的时间内做出决定。(give)
7). 我们将在下次会议上讨论他提出的计划。(put up)
8). 你认识在台上唱歌的那个女孩吗?(sing)
1.The question discussed yesterday is of great importance.
2. He is a well-behaved man.
3.The established customs are difficult to change.
4.The chairman read out a prepared statement.
5.Children prefer the drink made of orange juice ,sugar and water.
6.He has to make a decision within a given period.
7.We’ll discuss the plan put up by him at the next meting .
8.Do you know the girl singing on the stage?
Unit Eight Farewell
1 Practice
Imagine you are Yangli. You are going to study in Canada . Say goodbye to Professor Williams who is now working in China . Fill in the blanks according to the Chinese version provided.
You: ________________(1)________________________ (威廉姆斯教授, 我来向您告别。)
Prof.: What! Do you mean you are going away? Where are you going?
You: ___________(2)_______________ (我要去加拿大 学习。)
Prof.: Really? When will you leave?
You: ____________________(3 )__________________ (我下周一动身,票已经订好了。)
Prof.: How long will you stay there?
You: ________(4)_______. (大概两年。)
Prof.: Oh, yes. I have some friends there. I’ll introduce you to them. They may give you some help.
You: ________________(5)_________________. (那太好了。谢谢。)
Prof.: Have a pleasant trip and wish you success in your study.
(1) Professor Williams , I’ve come to say goodbye to you
(2) I will go to study in Canada .
(3) ’m leaving next Monday and I’ve booked the ticket
(4) About two years
(5) That would be wonderful. Thank you
Imagine you are Lin. Your friend, Mr. Allison, is leaving for home after a trip to China . He invites you to dinner in a restaurant. Play your role according to the clues given in the brackets.
Lin: 1 (打招呼。) It’s very kind of you to invite me to dinner tonight.
Allison: Good evening. Sit down, please.
Lin: Thanks. So you are leaving tomorrow,
Allison: Yes.
Lin: 2 (表示遗憾。)
Allison: Well, life is just like that.
Lin: 3 (表示我们会想念他。)
Allison: I wish I could stay a few days longer with you.
Lin: 4 (希望他再来中国。)
Allison: I’m sure I will. Oh, here’s a small gift for you. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me during my stay here.
Lin: It’s very kind of you to say so. 5(希望他喜欢中国之行。)
Allison: Oh, yes. It was excellent. I visited different places, which has helped me to get to know a lot more about China and Chinese people. I can see your country is growing
fast. I’m sure I’ll come back some day in the near future.
Lin: That’s also what I’m expecting. 6 (表示为双方的健康和友谊而干杯!)
Allison: Cheers!
(1) Good evening, Mr. Alison.
(2) What a pity!
(3) We’ll miss you after you leave.
(4) hope you’ll come to China again.
(5) hope you enjoyed your trip to China .
(6) Now, to our health and friendship. Cheers!
2 Translate the sentences into English, using emphasis and inversion.
1  which –that  what – that   until前加not
So each of us does ->So does each of us.  Hardly I thought ->Hardly did I think
he had entered ->had he entered  Little they realized ->Little did they realize
You had asked me ->Had you asked me  Neither I can’t ->Neither can I .
We have seen->have we seen
2.It was she who/that suggested we go to the library.
It was not until dark that I realized it was too late to visit him.
You did work very hard yesterday.
It was last week that I got the notice.
It was this dictionary that our English teacher gave me.
Never have I heard such a strange thing in my life.
Only when you do it yourself can you understand how hard the work is,
Not only did he promise to help us, but he also wanted to lend us some money.
Unit Nine Applying For A Job
1 Practice job interviews in applying for different positions.
Imagine you are an applicant asking for a job. You have got everything ready for the interview. Fill in the blanks according to the Chinese versions provided.
Interviewer: Please come in and sit down. Make yourself comfortable.
You. Thanks.
Interviewer: May I ask why you are interested in this job?
You: ___________________(1)_________________________(当我看到贵公司在《中国日报》上登的广告我决定试试。)
Interviewer: Why do you want to change your job?
You: ___________________(2)_______________________(我想尝试不同的工作。)
Interviewer: How long have you been in your present job?
You: 2 years.
Interviewer: If we hire you, how soon can you start?
You: ________________(3)_____________________(我需要两周的时间。)
Interviewer: Is there anything else you’d like to know?
You: ___________(4)_______________(现在没有。)
Interviewer:Well. I enjoyed talking with you. We will call you within a week with an answer.
You: _______________(5)__________________(谢谢您抽出时间来跟我面谈。)
(1) When I saw the position in China Daily, I decided to have a try.
(2) I’d like to do something different.
(3) I think I need 2 weeks.
(4) No. not at the moment.
(5) Thank you. I appreciate the time you have given me.
2 Point out the topic sentence and supporting sentences in the following paragraph.
Manual labor is one of the principal development resources in any industrializing country, as the following examples demonstrate. To begin with, plowing fields, planting and harvesting crops, and raising livestock are all important to development and require people who work with their hands. Secondly, mining natural resources, building roads and bridges, and constructing dams for irrigation and electrical power are also important to development and also require people who know how to use their hands skillfully. Finally, the establishment of efficient transportation and communication systems, essential services in a modernizing economy, relies heavily on a labor force of expert craftsmen who take pride in their manual skills. And of course, the manufacture as well as the maintenance of machines of all kinds demands a large number of trained mechanics and technicians. Clearly, in agriculture and in industry, the progress of a country depends on the busy hands of its working people.
3 Combine the following sentences to make a paragraph with the first one as the topic sentence. You may add some words, phrases or even sentences to make the paragraph smooth and coherent.
(1) Owning a car can be expensive.
(2) First, you have to purchase the car itself.
(3) You get the cheapest car in the showroom. You will end up paying about $6,000.
(4) You don’t have enough money for the car, and you have to finance it.
(5) You have $6 000 only, and you can get a loan from the bank, but with a high interest rate.
(6) Buying the car is just the beginning of your expenses.
(7) You have to buy gasoline. You buy it at over a dollar a gallon.
(8) You drive an average
(9 )You have to spend money for maintenance, such as tune-ups and lubrications
Owning a car can be expensive. First, you have to purchase the car itself. If you get the cheapest new car in the showroom, you will end up paying about $6 000. Before you can drive the car home, you have to finance the car. Unless you have $6 000 incash, you will have to get a loan with high interest rates and pay a monthly note of around $200. Buying the car, however, is just the beginning of your expenses. Next, you have to buy gasoline at over a dollar a gallon. If you drive an average of 100 miles a week and get 35 miles per gallon, you will end up spending $6 to $ 10 a week on gas. That is about $ 40 a month. Add to that the expenses you have for maintenance, such as tune-ups and lubrication, and you have another $35 per month. All of these add up to about $ 300 a month — a big chunk of anyone’s paycheck!
Unit Ten Managers and CEOS
1 Practice
Imagine you are a company secretary. You are informing a member of the board, Mr. Brown, to attend an important conference. Fill in the blanks according to the Chinese version provided.
Y: Mr. Brown, __________(1)______________ (你收到通知) that we are going to hold a board meeting on Wednesday, November 28th?
B: No, not yet. Where are we going to have it?
Y: _______________(2)_______________. (下午2:30在董事会办公室。)
B: Oh, I see. What are we going to discuss at the meeting?
Y:___________(3)___________, (很多事情) such as the minutes of the last board meeting,
matters arising from it, the applications for the post of assistant accountant, etc
B: But I have made an appointment with a client at that time.
Y: _________________________(4)________________________. (因为会议很重要,恐怕您得取消您的约会.)
B: Let me think of it.
Y: But the CEO said _______________(5)____________________. (每位董事都必须出席.)
B: Oh, in that case, I’ll change my appointment for another time.
Y: ________(6)_________. (好的). See you then.
B: See you.
(1) have you received the notice
(2) In the board office at 2:30 p.m.
(3) A lot of things
(4) I am afraid you have to cancel it, for the meeting is very important.
(5) every board member had to be present
(6) That’s fine.
2 Translate the following sentences
1). 总而言之,我们应该为学生创造一个较好的学习环境。
2). 从上述讨论来看,我们得出的结论是:必须立即采取措施来控制空气污染。
3). 显然,家长必须为孩子们树立一个好榜样。
4). 吉姆是一个有能力的人,毕竟他受过良好的教育。
5). 我们曾试图帮他摆脱困境,总而言之,我们尽了最大努力。
1. In a word, we should create a better environment for children to study in.
2. From what we have discussed above, the conclusion we have come to is that we must take immediate measures to control the air pollution.
3. Obviously, parents must set a good example for their children.
4. Jim is an able man, and after all he had a good education.
5. We tried to help him with his problem. In a word, we did the best we could.

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