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1. Cat

   It was plain that the cat knew the rules of her name perfectly well, and enjoyed it keenly. It was equally plain that the fly could not make head or tail of what it was all about. If it had been able to do so it would have gone to play in the upper part of the window, where the cat could not reach it. Perhaps it was always hoping to get through the glass, and escape that way; anyhow, it kept pretty much to the same pane, no matter how often it was rolled. At last, however, the fly, for some reason or another, did not reappear on the pane, and the cat began looking everywhere to find it. Her annoyance when she failed to do so was extreme. It was not only that she had lost her fly, but that she could not conceive how she should ever have come to do so. Presently she noted a small knot in the woodwork of the sill, and it flashed upon her that she had accidentally killed the fly, and that this was its dead body. She tried to move it gently with her paw, but it was no use, and for the time she satisfied herself that the knot and the fly had nothing to do with one another. Every now and then, however, she returned to it as if it were the only thing she could think of, and she would try again. She seemed to say she was certain there had been no knot there before---she must have seen it if there had been; and yet, the fly could hardly have got jammed so firmly into the wood. She was puzzled and irritated beyond measure, and kept looking in the same place again and again, just as we do when we have mislaid something. She was rapidly losing temper and dignity when suddenly we saw the fly reappear from under the cat’s stomach and make for the windowpane, at the very moment when the cat herself was exclaiming for the fiftieth time that she wondered where that stupid fly ever could have got do. No man who has been hunting twenty minutes for his spectacles could be more delighted when he suddenly finds them on his own forehead. “So that’s where you were,” we seemed to hear her say,as she proceeded to catch it, and again began rolling it very softly without hurting it, under her paw. 
   ---Samuel Butler,“Thought and Language”, Collected Essays, Vol. II 


2. There Is Love When We Give

   There were two fish in the desert and the water which they lived on was absorbed slowly but relentlessly. But just at this moment, one of them went so far as to spit to moisten his fellow fish. In this way he sped his own death to increase the other’s life. There was love when the two fish shared happiness and pain.
   One doctor who taught in the university went to a small village in Taiwan. He saved a poor villager’s life, but he asked for no money. That villager went back home and cut a heap of wood. Then he walked day and night to town and put the wood in front of the doctor’s door. He did not know a heap of wood is no use in modern life, and it looked as if his toil had gone to waste. However, every time the doctor told the story to someone else, he always said: “This is the most precious present I have received in my life.” There is love when our values are put above money.
   Love is always beautiful at first. A boy and a girl fell in love at first sight. They loved each other deeply, but one day, the girl told the boy light that she had fallen in love with another young man, and she would marry him and go to another country. Before leaving, she said coldly: “Marriage is very important for a girl, and I would not marry to a skins man!” From then on, the boy and the girl did not get in touch with each other. After a few years, the boy had become a successful man. He had money, home and company, but he could not forget the girl although she was so hardhearted. One say when he was driving in the street, he came across the girl’s mother. He followed her and just wanted to prove he was not down and out any longer. But a last, he was surprised to find that she was going to a cemetery. She stood in front of a gravestone. The girl was smiling to him on the photograph. Her mother told the boy she gad cancer, so she had told a lie to him in order to let him forget her. Tears dropped from his face. There was love when the girl told a beautiful lie at the eleventh hour in her life.
   Love is giving, not receiving. Giving is more joyous than receiving, not because it is a deprivation, but because in the act of giving lies the expression of one’s aliveness. When we live, we love; when we love, we give. 

3. Love Makes the World Go Around

   Not long after I entered Peking University, I saw many societies publicizing themselves, ready to take in new blood in the well-known place called Triangle Area. I was attracted by them and went for a closer look.
   Love Society? I knew it was one of the two most famous student societies in Peking University. So I decided to join.
   I am always deeply moved by the stories of disabled people which are not from novels but from the real life. These heroes lived around us; yet, I had not paid much attention to them until one day I caught sight of a one-legged girl holding a stick while walking to the library. You can imagine how many difficulties she had to face, but she finally had come to Beida and fulfilled her dream. She is heroine in our real life.
   So I joined the handicapped-helping department in Love Society, wishing to do some useful work for disabled people and learn from them.
   After s short period ,words came that some students in Beijing School for the Blind would visit our college, and I was chosen to be their guild. I was so glad to have the chance to communicate with blind children that I prepared well for the day coming.    
   On one sunny afternoon, the children came with big smiles. You could not even tell whether they were blind or not because everyone was so lively and happy as healthy boys and girls. I made myself known to a blind girl named San, and she told me that she was learning piano and kneading then. The Yanyuan Campus was so beautiful but she couldn’t see. I took her hand and led her to feel the old trees, the big bell in the gloriette, the statue of our former school master, Mr. Cai Yuanpei, and all the things she could reach. I told the stories about every famous place in the history of Beida. We seemed to have forgotten the passing of time.
   From then on, I began to understand those disabled people —— they won’t let self-contempt occupy their hearts, they are holding an active attitude towards life, and they are hoping to have a better future just as we do. And I want to make friends with more disabled people, because I know love, only love can make the world go around.



4. Yesterday Once More    
   It is now the sweetest season, if not right, the best time of the year.
   It is May, the end of spring and the beginning of summer. The sky is cloudless; the sun shines bright and warm; the songs of birds, and myriads of catkin, fill the air.
   Right now I am by the lake, missing you. The sparkles the shining sun throws on the surface of the water draws my attention and lead me into the days we shared together.
   Do you still remember? We met with each other in the same season—— the end of spring and the beginning of the summer. I never thought there would be a girl who understood me even more than myself, until I met you.
   We were by the lake that day when the naughty wind brought my hat away. “A lovely hat.” You picked it up and gave it to me, smiling. What a light smile, and how beautiful it was! I knew, from that moment, we could have our story.
   Then came summer. Trees and grass presented their ever-changing shades of deep rich green. We would stroll by the lake, hand in hand, talking and laughing. Our voice quavered with excitement. Flowers in my heart bloomed little by little when your benign and deep eyes, and your smart and shining smile surrounded me.
   And then came the autumn and winter wherein we shared our sorrow and joy together. And then the next year, and the year that followed … Golden time, wasn’t it?
   … But now you are not by my side, maybe you’ll never be back again. You are too far from me, too far to reach, except in my repeated dreams.
   Every other moment I ever enjoyed has vanished into the air, but the moment we shared together is enduring. It is just like the little drop of water on the petal we ever found in the morning. Tiny as it is, it magnifies the stripe of the petal; fragile as it is, it shines with the sunshines; brittle as it is, it reflects the whole of the blue sky.



The Internet has fundamentally changed pour lives. Among the various things we can do on the Interne, OICQ, which satisfies the man’s innate desire for communication, is the most popular.
   Thanks to the rapid development of modern technology, we could easily get touch with our old friends in virtually every corner of the earth’s surface through OICQ, far more convenient and less expensive than the traditional ways of communication. We optimistically believe this ongoing technique will become more accurate and more perfect.
   Furthermore, talking with strangers is a very exciting and curious experience. If you are lucky, you can confront some interesting people. As you are not able to see the other person, thought appears to be the only attracting factor in the chat. It seems easier and more direct for people to exchange ideas. As we all know, none of us could experience all kinds of life within the confines of time and space. Hence we may learn divergent ways of, living and different attitudes towards life through chatting with others who come from different backgrounds and have their own particular experiences. OICQ offers a good approach to enhance knowledge.
   Everything has two sides. Although OICQ helps us escape the complexity, burdens and tensions of reality temporarily, everyone must inoculate himself against the negative effect on OICQ. Some people are so engulfed in this illusory world that they ignored their daily study or work. Somebody has posited that what one says might not be consistent with what one veritably is. A joke puts it this way. The person you are talking to might be a clever dog that can type. The Internet has undermined the individual’s bonding to practical life.
   In brief, we should keep equilibrium between illusory environment and real life. One ineculatable conclusion is that OICQ’s advantages far outweigh the disadvantage.


6. What Has the Internet Brought?

   Today in the information era, the Internet has brought us human beings efficiency, as well as convenience. In almost every field, we use the Internet to communicate and share information with others. No matter where we are, we can easily keep ourselves well informed of the world’s latest advances and news. It is the Internet that has provided us with a quick and simple way to keep up with the world’s developments.
   Through electronic communication, the Internet has increased our efficiency by saving us a great deal of time and money. With the emergence of the Internet, our daily communication has taken on a new look. We no longer have to go to the post office to send our letters, but can just sit in front of the screen to send the e-mail. All these can be finished in several minutes, and the receiver can get them in few seconds. How efficient it is! Another case in point is that working at home has become more and more popular, which has helped the companies increase their efficiency. The boss can even have a net meeting on the Internet so as to save time for his employees to gather in the meeting room. The Internet is increasing our life pace just like an accelerator.
   Apart from efficiency, the Internet has simultaneously provided convenience to us by means of shared information. From international news to mp3 music, anything we can think of can be shared on the net. All we need to do is click the mouse and download the information. Also, we can do banking and shopping on the net, which can save us the trouble of going to the bank or the shop. Moreover, on-line library has made it easier for us to get information from all sorts of libraries, including the biggest and most famous ones. The Internet has turned our dream of learning from the world into a reality. We can't help thinking how convenient it is. Thanks to the Internet, our daily life is becoming more and more convenient.
   Given the fact that every coin has two sides, the Internet is not an exception. It has brought something filthy, too. One of the most famous criminals on the net may be the hacker. However, on the whole, the Internet is of great help and importance to mankind. We are living in a world full of changes. Only with the help of the Internet can we keep up with the changes. We have every reason to be grateful to the Internet, which has brought us a new style of life full of efficiency and convenience.

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